ABB ACS380 Machinery Drive

Building a persistently predictable machine is as easy as using it

The compact choice for machine builders


The preconfigured ABB ACS380 machinery drive comes in several variants ensuring seamless integration into machines and connecting perfectly to automation systems.

Drive usability is enhanced with the built-in icon-based user interface and other optional control panels.



Adaptive programming offers an easy alternative for simple programming needs.

The drive is suitable for industries such as food and beverage, material handling and textile.

Typical constant torque applications include mixers, conveyors, cranes and other constant-torque applications.


ABB ACS380 Highlights:

0.25 to 7.5 kW, 200 to 480 V

Unified height and depth of the IP20 product family simplifies wiring in cabinet installations

Preconfigured drive variants for connecting the drive quickly to the customer’s automation system

Adaptive programming for fine tuning the application functionality

Built-in icon based interface for easy configuration

Integrated safety with safe torque off (STO) as standard


Simple to select and install

  •  All-inside concept simplifies drive selection and installation, saving time and money.
  • Stock availability ensured globally with readily stocked product by ABB and distributors.

Simple to commission and use

  • No need to know parameters or use any programming language
  • Graphical icon-based integrated control panel
  • Quick setup ensured by
    • the primary settings menu with embedded assistants
    • ready-made control macros
  • Commission and monitor drive wirelessly
  • with optional Bluetooth assistant control panel

Reliable and consistent high quality

  • Improved durability and reliability in harsh environmental conditions
    • coated boards as standard in drives and all options
  • All drives tested in the production
    • in maximum temperature
    • with nominal loads
    • with full testing of the performance and all protective functions with motors

Reducing life cycle costs

  •  The purchase cost of a drive is only a fraction of the cost a drive can save during its life cycle
    • Energy savings achieved with drive control
    • Reduced maintenance and operational costs



ACS380 Flyer

ACS380 Quick Start Guide



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