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The Growing Role of Electromechanical Actuators

December, 2017 | Lindsey Shepard

Maintaining a competitive edge in the global marketplace requires manufacturers to continually search for new processes and technologies that increase production quantity, quality, and flexibility. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the automotive industry where shorter time-to-market cycles and ongoing cost containment are critical to enhancing shareholder value in the face of ever-increasing global competition. To meet these and other challenges, automotive manufacturing engineers and operations managers are taking a closer look at process automation across all phases of production, searching for incremental gains in productivity, quality, and reliability. A recent area of focus throughout the automotive industry is converting older fluid power (pneumatic and hydraulic) actuators to clean, flexible, and efficient electromechanical actuators.

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Exlar® electric roller screw linear actuators, rotary servo motors, and integrated control solutions are used for motion control for a broad range of applications. Our roller screw technology provides an efficient electromechanical replacement for your hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders with forces exceeding 40,000 lbf, and linear speeds which surpass 60 inches per second.

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