Omron E2E NEXT Proximity Sensors

Long-distance Detection Prevents Unexpected Facility Stoppages

New E2E NEXT Proximity Sensors reduce unexpected facility stoppages due to false detection, failures, and damage caused by previous proximity sensors.

Where the previous M12 model had only 3mm of sensing distance, the new E2E NEXT M12 model has 7mm of sensing distance.

omron E2E sensing distances

Less False Detection Even When a Stationary Gets Away From the Sensor Due to Equipment Vibration.

less false detection

When Workpiece Sitting Position Varies or It Has Deflection, Collisions Are Unlikely to Happen.

sitting position

“Thermal Noise Free” Technology that Enables Long-distance Detection

When you tried to increase the sensing distance of proximity sensors by conventional technologies, the change of ambient temperature greatly influenced and it was impossible to use those sensors at actual production sites.
The newly developed technology by OMRON, “Thermal Noise Free” technology, minimizes the characteristics change due to temperature by high-precision compensation and enables long-distance detection.

thermal noise free

Enhanced Usability Enables Facilities that Can Recover in a Short Time Without Skill Requirements

Less time required from failure to recovery (MTTR: Mean Time To Recovery).

Only 10 Seconds * to Replace a Proximity Sensor with “e-jig”.

E2E NEXT Contain Components that Shut Out Cutting Oil for 2 years Further Reduce Unexpected Facility Stoppages

The Sensor reduces further unexpected failures in environments requiring oil resistance in addition to damage caused by collisions

Downsized Sensor Enhances Flexibility in Facility Design

Longer sensing distance enables one size smaller sensor with the same sensing distance, so we can add more sensors to an empty space and save space for the installation.smaller sensors


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