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June, 2018 | Lindsey Shepard

The iVu and iVu Color Image Sensors are used to monitor parts for type, size, orientation, shape, location, and color or color variations. The device can be set up and monitored using an integrated or remote touchscreen display with no PC required. The following features are available:

  • All-in-one solution with the camera, controller, lens, and light included in one package
  • Inspect multiple points with a wide variety of grayscale or color tools, depending on your application
  • Configure in minutes through the onboard touchscreen found on the device, or use a remote touch screen to allow for easy access and monitoring
  • Compact, rugged, IP67 housing available with or without a variety of integrated ring lights – red, blue, green, white, infrared or UV – and C-mount models are also available for purchase
  • Factory communications (EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, PROFINET, PCCC and Serial RS-232) for integration on the manufacturing floor
  • Ability to change parameters on the fly with full runtime editing to reduce costly downtime

iVu Sensor Types:

iVu Vision Sensor

The vision sensor is a grayscale version that has 4 inspection types including a Match tool, Area tool, Blemish tool, and Sort tool.

Match Tool:

The match tool verifies a pattern, shape or orientation.
Typical applications for this tool:

  • Verifies correct label and positioning
  • Inspect weld nut presence and orientation
  • Validates shape of parts

Area Tool:

The area tool verifies a feature is present and the correct size.
Typical applications for this tool:

  • Blister pack inspection
  • Counts holes on a stamped part
  • Verity correct assembly of a filter

Blemish Tool:

The blemish tool finds areas of high contrast for feature presence and absence.
Typical applications for this tool:

  • Detect foreign material on a web
  • Confirm the presence of text on a container
  • verify safety seal on a cap

Sort Tool:

The sort tool recognizes and sorts different patterns of parts.
Typical applications for this tool:

  • Identify and sort parts on a production line
  • Confirm the correct parts are in a medical kit

ivu tools

iVu BCR Barcode Sensor

The barcode sensor has the ability to read both 1D and 2D barcodes for product traceability. The sensor can read up to ten barcodes at one time.

The barcode can read the following codes: Code 128, Code 39, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, EAN-13 (UPC-A), EAN-8, UPC-E, IMB, Postnet, Pharmacode, Data Matrix (ECC200), QR Code, and Micro QR.

iVu Color Sensor

The iVu Color Sensor is used to monitor parts for color or color variations in addition to type, size, orientation or position. This new iVu color sensor has the same tools as the iVu sensor, the Match tool, Area tool, Blemish tool, and Sort tool with the addition of 3 new tools including the Average Color tool, the Color Area tool, and the Color Compare tool.

Average Color tool:

The Average Color Tool reports the average color of a part in RGBI (red, green, blue, intensity) or HSI (hue, saturation, intensity).
Typical applications for this tool:

  • Monitors ink color over time
  • provides color information for part sorting
  • Verifies trim pieces in an automotive assembly

Color Area Tool:

The Color Area Tool verifies that features present are the correct color.
Typical applications for this tool:

  • Verify wire placement and color
  • Label verification based on color
  • Verify color and number of bottles in a case

Color Compare Tool:

The Color Compare Tool verifies that a part matches its reference color or a mix of colors.
Typical applications for this tool:

  • Confirm label color on a package
  • Verify color of a bottle cap
  • Check stain color on wood

color tools


iVu Applications in detail:

Date/Lot Code Presence or Absence Detection

Banner Engineering’s SLM series slot sensor, along with the iVu TG image sensor with Integrated Display, can be utilized to detect the passing bottles and match an image to the one printed on the bottle.




Label Alignment Inspection

As each salad dressing bottle leaves the label station, an iVu Series sensor, configured for a Match application, inspects the label and compares it to a preconfigured reference to determine if they match.

label alignment inspection



Industrial Barcode Verification on Clear Labels

The iVu and iVu Plus with UV ring light are an ideal solution for detecting barcodes in a low contrast situation. The iVu is coupled with UV illumination for an all-in-one solution that improves contrast on clear labels so barcodes are easily detected.

industrial barcode verification



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