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ABB ACS580-07 Cabinet Built Drives

March, 2019 | Lindsey Shepard

Switch on simplicity without trading off efficiency

The ACS580 general purpose drive is equipped with built-in features that simplify ordering and delivery and reduce commissioning costs since everything is provided in a single, compact and ready-to-use package.

Cabient-Built Drives (ACS580-07)

Cabinet-built drives are available with IP21 protection class as standard and IP42/54 as options in frame sizes R6 to R11. The drives have a new cooling arrangement and a global cabinet design with a high-quality standard. The power and voltage range is from 75 kW to 500 kW, 3-phase 380-480 V.

Common features throughout the whole ACS580 product family

Choke and EMC
• Swinging choke technology to mitigate harmonics
• Fulfills standard the EN61000-3-12 standard
• EMC C2 filter allows installation in first environment

Scalar and vector control for process control
• Scalar control for effortless process control
• Vector control for accurate and energy-efficient
speed and torque control in demanding applications
• Support for induction, permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance motors (SynRM)
Extensive I/O connections
• The ACS580 features extensive I/O connections for flexible configuration in various applications
• Colored terminals for easy configuration

Assistant control panel and primary settings
• The ACS-AP-S assistant control panel speaks 16 different languages
• USB interface for PC and tool connection
• Help button for problem-solving
Integrated safe torque off (STO)
• Safe torque off for implementing safe machinery
• SIL 3, PL e

Brake chopper
• The brake chopper is built-in as standard for ACS580 frames up to R3. Braking control is integrated into ACS580 drives.
• The ACS580 is suitable not only for variable torque applications but also for basic constant
torque applications

Shared features of the ABB all-compatible drives portfolio

Adaptive programming
• ACS580 firmware includes an easy-to-use and visual adaptive programming feature.
• Adaptive programming can be used to add logical functions and conditions for process fine-tuning.
Same PC tools for ABB all-compatible drives
• Free Drive Composer entry available at www.abb.com.
• Same parameter structure makes the all-compatible platform easy to use.

ATEX-certified PTC thermistor support
• The ACS580 can be equipped with an optional CPTC-02 ATEX-certified PTC sensor.
• The safety integrity level for the CPTC-02 module is SIL 2/PL c.
• The ACS580 supports F-series fieldbus adapters used in the ABB all-compatible platform.
• Mobile phone connectivity via the optional Bluetooth assistant control panel.
• Fieldbus settings are made easy with the redesigned simple settings menu.