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Banner WLS27 LED Lights

July, 2019 | Lindsey Shepard

Heavy-duty LED strip lights are fully enclosed in a shatterproof copolyester shell to provide brilliant illumination for a broad range of applications in challenging environments.

  • Cylindrical shape design, ideal for laminar airflow applications
  • Rugged, water-resistant IP66, IP67 and IP69K construction
  • Chemically resistant copolyester housing
  • Available in eight lengths from 145 mm to 1130 mm
  • Daisy chain power to multiple lights
  • Capability to dim lights using the wiring pinout (Hi/Lo/Off)
  • Optional snap clips for easy installation and repositioning
  • Automatic temperature protection built into the unit. Above 50 °C, the light dims to manage heat and protect product lifetime
  • Three- and five-color models with EZ-STATUS® combine illumination and indication in one robust light fixture
  • Now available with heavy diffuse windows for reduced intensity and a more uniform light distribution

WLS27 Core Series Segmented

WLS27 Core Series segmented strip lights provide basic indication capabilities in a multicolor strip light and are available in several length and color combinations, resembling tower light indication.

  • Rugged, water-resistant IP66, IP67, and IP69K construction
  • Shatterproof copolyester housing resists a variety of chemicals and cleaning agents for reliable operation in a wider range of applications
  • Green/red models available in either 285 mm or 570 mm lengths
  • Green/yellow/red models available in either 430 mm or 850 mm lengths
  • Integral 4-pin M12 connector and ability to cascade lights
  • Optional snap clips for easy installation and repositioning
  • Models with heavy diffuse windows provide a softer, more uniform light distribution 


Semiconductor Process Tool Illumination

Illuminating the inside of a surface preparation system or other semiconductor industry process tool can be challenging. The light fixtures must not disrupt the laminar flow of air through the system and spatial constraints can severely limit light fixture placement options. Certain colors of light, including white light, can have a negative impact on system processes. Additionally, these fixtures may be exposed to harsh and damaging chemicals as well as vapors capable of scaring and corroding surfaces.

Banner’s WLS27 are rugged LED strip lights specifically developed to provide brilliant, even illumination in challenging environments and compact spaces. They have a space-saving, aerodynamic design, are fully encapsulated in a protective shell, and come in a broad range of illumination color options. Machine designers can install WLS27 LED strip lights wherever they are best suited to illuminate a work area without making costly or time consuming modifications to the lights.

Rugged, Highly Visible Indication Improves Efficiency at a Truck Wash

Indicator lights intuitively direct traffic through truck wash stations to ensure efficient flow of vehicles through the wash. However, high-pressure washdowns, cleaning agents, and outdoor environments make status indication challenging. Stoplights are often used to direct drivers through the truck wash efficiently, but traditional indicators also present new challenges. For example, most stoplights cannot withstand the harsh environment inside the wash and therefore cannot be mounted close enough to the process for drivers to easily see status changes. 

Banner Engineering’s new segmented WLS27 strip light provides reliable, bright, and easy-to-understand indication for harsh outdoor truck wash stations.

The IP69K-rated lights are sealed in a shatterproof, copolyester housing that resists the high-pressure water and variety of chemicals and cleaning agents inside the washing station. The heavy-duty design allows users to install the indicator closer to the process, so drivers can more easily and quickly see status changes even if they are looking down or away from the indicator. In addition, the bright light output ensures status changes are highly visible even on the sunniest days.