With safety into the future

The new DCS880 DC drive series is built on the all-compatible drive platform that ensures all ABB variable speed drives (VSDs) share common features and tools, and can be operated in the same way. The drive integrates certified Safe Torque Off (STO) safety functionality as standard and is also enabled for compatibility with the Industrial Internet of Things.

DCS880 are also a great solution to non-motor applications like magnets, battery charging, electrolysis, and wastewater treatment.

The drive comes with many useful built-in functions that focus on safe operation, easy selection and installation, fast setup and efficient maintenance. Interconnectivity has also been made a priority to enable the drive to interface effectively with the Industrial Internet of Things. In addition, the drives can interface with all major fieldbus protocols.

DCS880 industrial drives are customized to meet the precise needs of industries such as oil and gas, mining, metals, cement, non-motoric, material handling, pulp and paper, rubber and plastics, marine, water and wastewater, food and beverage and automotive. They control a wide range of applications such as cranes, extruders, winches, winders, conveyors, mixers, millstands, centrifuges, test benches, elevators, electrolysis, kiln.

DCS880 drives have a safe torque off (STO) function built in as a standard. With our DCS880 drive, you can achieve SIL3 /PLe safety level with certified safety functions modules. The safety module is easy to integrate inside the drive and offers you several safety functions. Integration with automation systems is quick and reliable using PROFIsafe connectivity.


  • Safe torque off (STO) built in as standard
  • Compact and robust
  • Single drives, 20 A to 5,200 A, up to 1600 VDC
  • IEC 61131 programmable
  • Supports all major fieldbuses
  • Wide range of options to serve any DC motor application