The PSRC softstarter is the most compact of all the softstarter ranges which allows for design of compact starting equipment. The PSRC combined with a manual motor starter makes up a far more compact starting solution than the complex star-delta starter, and with the built-in bypass, the energy losses inside the softstarter are highly reduced.

PSRC is optimized for scroll compressors

Less stress and reduced maintenance cost

General information for compressors

There are different types of compressors like piston compressor, scroll compressor, screw compressor etc. Smaller compressors are often of the piston type and the load torque increases linearly with the speed. Screw compressors are often used when there is a bigger need for air flow and this type has a load torque increasing with the square of the speed. Most compressors are started unloaded and are considered to be light starts.

By using an ABB´s softstarter it is possible to limit the starting torque to a level suitable for all different applications. The result is less stress on the compressor reducing the maintenance cost to a minimum. For scroll compressors, ABB has the special version PSRC that is optimized for that application.

Selection of a suitable softstarter

A compressor is usually a normal start and then the softstarter can be selected according to the motor kW size. If the compressor is a heavy duty start, the softstarter should be upsized one size. The same applies if more than 10 starts per hour are performed, upsize one size.

Features for scroll compressors

  • Reduced starting current 
  • Short starting time (<1s) to guarantee lubrication of the compressor 
  • Recommended minimum starting voltage to secure a start in 400 V network 
  • 200V for smaller compressors 
  • 220V for bigger compressors 
  • Easy to install and reliable “Temper proof” means no risk of parameters getting changed after installation


  • Rated operational current: 3…105 A 
  • Operational voltage: 208…600 V AC 
  • Wide rated control supply voltage: 100…240 V AC, 50/60 Hz 
  • Two-phase controlled 
  • Soft start with voltage ramp 
  • Built-in bypass for energy saving and easy installation 
  • Easy set-up 
  • Fieldbus communication with fieldbus plug adapter and the fieldbus plug 
  • Run and Top of Ramp relays available for monitoring 
  • Connection kits available for connection to ABB´s manual motor starters (MMS) 
  • Ambient temperature -25 to +60 degrees

Reduce the electrical stresses and keep the motor protected with the MMS 

The PSRC reduces the starting current for the motor. The possibility to connect it to the manual motor starter makes it possible to build a compact and complete starting solution with overload and short-circuit protection.

Saving time and money with built-in bypass and easy set-up

On the PSRC, the bypass is built in and verified by ABB, saving you time during installation and space in your panel.

Reduce the mechanical stresses on your motor

Soft start and stop with PSRC will reduce mechanical wear and tear on the application and increase the availability and uptime.