All-in-one Automatic Transfer Switch with quick and easy installation

The ABB TruONE automatic transfer switch has built-in sensors, controllers, and connectivity. TruONE is the world’s first true ATS to package all the necessary sensors and controllers into a single easy-to-install device that helps improve protection and makes installation 80 percent faster.

Critical power applications use an ATS to sense when power is lost and to switch automatically to the backup generator. The ATS is usually a complex installation with various sensors, controllers, switches and operator interfaces all wired together. Putting everything into a single package, including an integrated controller with detachable Human Machine Interface (HMI), the TruONE makes ATS installations faster, simpler and more reliable.

With seven communications protocols, the TruONE ATS is part of the ABB Ability portfolio of software-enabled and connected solutions that help customers to be more productive, with features including predictive maintenance and condition monitoring.

The TruONE ATS is simple to install, requiring only a single wire and standard enclosures. Ergonomic studies indicate this will make installation up to 80 percent faster and will cut cabling and commissioning times and costs by up to 90 percent.

The TruONE’s all-in-one design is factory-assembled and fully tested to ABB’s exacting quality standards. Protection during manual operation is increased, even under load, with the elevated handle mounted to the ATS frame so there is no need to open the panel door. TruONE is also setting the new industry standard as dangerous line voltage no longer need to be connected to the door as the detachable HMI is completely isolated from the lines. TruONE is the first ATS with a built-in predictive maintenance functionality that monitors its own condition as well as its environment with temperature monitoring. This ensures that when operations need to switch to backup power, ABB’s ATS is always ready to perform.

The innovative device shares the same user interface and software environment as the ABB Emax 2 smart air circuit breaker. Its seven communication protocols provide maximum connectivity and together with the ability for cloud-based services via the ABB AbilityTM Electrical Distribution Control System, TruONE, together with other ABB devices, is making remote plant management simple. “Innovations like this are why ABB is the most trusted name in the industry,” said Dave Sterlace, ABB’s Global Head of Data Center Technology. “The all-new TruONE makes critical power a whole lot simpler with less wiring and more intelligence. Hospitals, data centers and telecommunications installations will be among the first to benefit from this technology.”

The brand new device features a host of design and engineering advances, including an ingenious contact construction that uses new materials and geometries to make load transferring more reliable – and to meet the demanding test requirements of both IEC and UL.

The one ATS for every installation

For OEMs

Now genset OEMs can simplify stocking, installation, and service; ensure outstanding transfer switch reliability, and take advantage of the global availability and support of ABB. TruONE is the world’s first purpose-built ATS engineered to incorporate switch and controller in one seamless unit. It’s available without an enclosure to accommodate customization, or with an enclosure for off-the-shelf convenience. Even better, you can leverage its unique advantages to stand out from the competition, offer your customer additional cloud services, and grow your business.

Easy to Install – Reduces installation time by up to 80%.

Why waste time piecing together an ATS from multiple components and as many as 20 connection wires, not to mention the time spent testing? TruONE is the first automatic transfer switch to put it all together, including the controller with detachable HMI. It can be installed with a single wire using standard enclosures.

Speed Up You Project – Reduces programming time by 80%

Now you can speed up your project even more, thanks to TruONE’s automatic commissioning capabilities. Pre-made configuration files can be uploaded from your PC to TruONE, minimizing the risk of human error and reducing programming time by 80%.

Continuous Operation

TruONE features predictive maintenance, self-diagnostics and customer-replaceable critical modules to simplify service and significantly reduce downtime and service costs.

Global Availablity

TruONETM is IEC/UL/GB listed to reduce the number of project designs needed. And global support is always available when you want it.

Optimized Logistics

TruONE features a wide voltage range from 200 to 480 VAC (+/- 20% tolerance), reducing the need for genset manufacturers and panel builders to stock multiple stock keeping units, reducing inventory and saving space in the warehouse.

Space Saving

TruONE features plug-in factory and field-mount accessorizing, so you don’t need extra space inside the panel. Even in the case of specialized customer needs, you can use standard cabinets.

For data centers

TruONE makes sure data flows when primary power doesn’t

Continuous Operation

Say goodbye to blinking lights and stopping motors. TruONE provides a fast in-phase open transition of power, guaranteeing unnoticed generator use during business hours.

Safety and Protection

TruONE enables emergency manual operation—even under load—without opening the panel door when the HMI is mounted to the ATS frame. The HMI can be detached from the frame for door mounting, offering more flexibility for the panel designer. Best of all, regardless of the HMI installation method, there’s no need for connecting dangerous line voltages to the door, so the risk of operator injury due to equipment malfunction is reduced.

Optimum Interface

TruONE features cloud-based connectivity through the ABB AbilityTM Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS). ABB Ability simplifies the implementation and use of TruONE in coordination with other ABB devices, ensuring one common user interface and one common software environment. Market-leading modular connectivity with seven communication protocols ensures easy installation and connectivity now and far into the future.