Multifunction Pendant Improves Communication for Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Add two-way communication and operator guidance capabilities anywhere you need it using the Direct Select™ wireless operator interface. This versatile device combines a three-digit display, high-visibility status indication, and multiple input controls in one battery-powered device. Users can send and receive information, direct actions, track performance, and monitor equipment from a convenient location.

Key Benefits

Better Communication Improves Productivity: The Direct Select™ makes it easy to communicate the critical information staff need to quickly complete tasks. This versatile operator interface can be used to send and receive requests, acknowledgements, and alerts, as well as provide quantity details, direct staff to a specific location, guide operators through a process, track performance, monitor assets and more.

Two-Way Communication Anywhere You Need It: The autonomous wireless design of the Direct Select makes it easy to add an operator interface to any asset, machine, or piece of equipment. Use it as a panel meter for local monitoring of asset conditions. Communicate with operators on mobile equipment. Turn any cart into a mobile picking station. You can even use it as a handheld device so staff can communicate important information when they are away from their workstations.

Quickly Resolve Problems and Reduce Downtime: Monitor multiple machines, workstations, or processes with a single Direct Select operator interface. The multicolor indicator provides high-visibility alerts and status information for each event. The LCD screen indicates the location of the event. The system can even be configured to prioritize events so users can resolve the most critical issues first.

Cost-Effective, Easy-to-Deploy Operator Interface: The Direct Select communicates over a robust Sure Cross® wireless network and is powered by a lithium battery. Users can quickly deploy one or many operator interfaces without the time, hassle, and expense of adding or altering wired infrastructure to connect and power devices.


  • Battery-powered wireless device installs easily on mobile and stationary assets, machines, or equipment where adding or altering wired infrastructure would be impractical or not cost-effective
  • Two-way communication between devices over a secure, robust Sure Cross® wireless network
  • Versatile operator interface can be used as an input or output device in a wide range of applications
  • Three-digit numeric display (0 – 999) indicates quantity, location, position, or other instructions
  • Bright, eight-color indicator can be linked to device inputs or remote inputs from within the network
  • Capacitive touch input requires no physical pressure to actuate and can be activated with a glove
  • Four tactile buttons enable increment and decrement input as well as other commands
  • Quick, easy setup using onboard DIP switches


The Direct Select operator interface makes it easy to improve communication between staff, supervisors, assets, and equipment in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Call for parts, pickup, or service
  • Operator guidance and assembly
  • Kitting, pick-to-light and put-to-light
  • Two-way communication on mobile equipment