Type 4 Safety Light Curtains

Banner’s new EZ-SCREEN® LP Limited Function Safety Light Screens were developed specifically to solve simple applications requiring only redundant, self-checking safety outputs. They have the same low-profile design and versatile mounting options as other EZ-SCREEN LP safety light screens and are available in resolutions of 14 mm or 25 mm and defined areas of 270 mm or 550 mm.

  • Developed to solve basic applications that require two non-latching safety outputs
  • Low-profile compact package for smaller production machines
  • Available in 14 mm or 25 mm resolutions (detection capability)
  • Defined areas of 270 mm (10.6 in) or 550 mm (21.6 in)
  • 100 mm to 4 m (4 in to 13 ft) sensing range
  • Zone and Status indicators plus digital display to indicate number of beams blocked and detailed diagnostics
  • FMEA tested to ensure control reliability
  • Highly immune to EMI, RFI, ambient light, weld flash, and strobe light
  • Safety PLC input compatible (per OSSD specifications)
  • If more functionality is needed with an identical form factor, broader feature sets are available in Low-Profile Safety Light Curtains


  • Space Saving Shape: Their compact size and slender profile make it easy to install EZ-SCREEN LP safety light screens into smaller production machines and space constrained areas without interfering with operations or processes, providing users with tremendous flexibility in deployment by facilitating installation into a wider range of safety applications.
  • Cost-Effective Price Point: With list pricing that is approximately 30% less than other models in the EZ-SCREEN LP series, these models provide users with cost-effective options for machine access and perimeter guarding, creating opportunities in many price-sensitive applications.