Long Range sensor provides reliable detection and position feedback

  • Reliable detection of both high-dielectric targets like metal or water and lower-dielectric materials like wood, rock, organic material
  • Unaffected by rain, wind, snow, fog, steam, sunlight, and an operating temperature of -40 to 65° C
  • Radar Configuration Software, IO-Link, remote teach input, and push buttons for flexible set-up and configuration
  • Compact, IP67 and IP69 rated housing options for use in challenging environments
  • Pulse Pro output for direct integration with Banner lights. Direct process feedback which only requires power; no controller needed
  • Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) for detection of stationary and moving target
  • Crosstalk immunity, allowing for multiple sensors to be mounted in close proximity
  • Up to 25 m range to detect targets from farther away while maintaining detection as close as 150 mm with linearity less than +/-1 cm


The T30R Radar Sensor is available with several different outputs including versions with analog, discrete NPN or PNP, IO LInk , and  Pulse Pro frequency modulation.  The Pulse Pro output can be paired directly with Banner lighting.  This allows direct process feedback for bin level applications with no controller required.

The Radar technology is also unaffected by contaminants in the air including falling rain.