Highly customizable LED segments with multi-color option and adjustable audible modules

Segments for the TL70 Tower Light are available in a wide variety of single and multi-color modules as well as adjustable audible modules. Modules offer tremendous flexibility and can be customized as needed.

Big, bright 70mm tower lights appear gray when off to eliminate false indication from ambient light

Visible at long distances 

Modular IP65 design gives the user flexibility to customize functionality and install in many environments

RGB14 color segments can be configured to display any one of 14 standard colors, making it easy to create custom indication solutions and simplify stock requirements

Multicolor segments in two- and three- color models switch between colors based on changes in input status

User-friendly operation with just a few easy steps to complete installation

Selectable rates of flashing and strobing for each segment allow customization for your application beyond the default solid ON condition

Top-mounted audible segments available in tone selectable models from 75-101, multi-tone models that enable a unique tone for four status conditions, and programmable models that emit a user created custom alert or announcement

Wireless options, including bases and segments, facilitate installation and enable remote monitoring and control.

One base supports up to six single function segments, or select combinations of multi-function and single segments

Match your machine with a choice of black or grey housing


Machine status indication with highly visible, bright light

Challenge: Monitor machine status with quick and easy determination to ensure efficient processes throughout a factory. 

Solution: The Banner TL70 Modular Tower Light features a big, bright design to provide bright and uniform light to indicate machine status to ensure efficient processes and help employees make faster decisions to ensure  the machine is working properly. 

Remote monitoring to optimize OEE

Challenge: Connect to and gather data from multiple machines  on a busy floor to monitor and collect machine performance and output information.

Solution: The Banner TL70 tower lights help to optimize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by providing instant visual communication cross the plant floor as well as collecting valuable data for productivity calculations. 

Equipment monitoring from a supervisor's station

Challenge: Real-time monitoring of machine status from multiple machines on busy factory floor allows supervisors to address issues as they arise and minimize machine downtime. 

Solution:  The Banner TL70 tower lights combine high visibility indication with wireless communication to communicate machine status information to other devices. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How many light segments can be used in the TL70 Tower Light? How many audible segments can be used? 

Answer: The TL70 tower light can have up to 6 segments, or 5 light segments and an audible. 

Question: How many audible tones can a single TL70 Tower Light produce? Can you have different audible tones in the same segment? 

Answer: Only one audible alarm segment can be used per tower light. There are 4 different audible alarms available for the TL70 tower lights, some of which are capable of having different tones (Multi-Tone Audible and Programmable Audible).

Question: How loud are the audible tones? 

Answer: The audibles will vary in loudness from 75-101 dB; 75 dB is similar in loudness to a vacuum cleaner, and 101 dB is similar to a jackhammer.

Question: How bright are the LEDs in the TL70 Tower Light?

Answer: The brightness of the LEDs depends on the color. Below are the lumen output levels of each color (typically at 25 °C):

  • Green: 92
  • Red: 40
  • Yellow: 22
  • Blue: 32
  • White: 125
  • Orange: 33

Question: What is the lifespan of the LEDs? Can you replace burnt LEDs?

Answer: The lifespan of the LEDs is over 50,000 hours. It is extremely rare to burn out LEDs; it is much more likely that the light will be damaged before the LEDs burn out. It is not possible to replace individual LEDs, however, it is possible to replace individual light segments (see datasheet for model numbers).

Question: Can the TL70 Tower Light be seen outside in direct sunlight? 

Answer: One of the major benefits of the TL70 tower light is that the light segments appear gray when they are not lit up; this allows for reliable visibility when the tower light is used in outdoor applications.

Question: How do you make the tower light segments flash?

Answer: Each tower light segment is capable of flashing. Dip switches 7 and 8 on the segments determine if the segment will be solid, flashing at 1.5 Hz, or flashing at 3 Hz.


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