Power, control, & monitor AC powered devices from a convenient location with new wireless nodes & multihop radios. 

The integrated I/O featured on the new Sure Cross® Wireless Performance Series P15E Nodes and Multihop Modbus H15E Radios enables users to power any connected device or bank of devices ON or OFF, provides analog control of the devices, and makes it easy to monitor status and performance, all without directly accessing the device or devices. This is an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective way to remotely control lights, fans, heaters, blowers, and other AC-powered devices without the hassle or expense of running cable or altering infrastructure.

Adding control to ac-powered devices in commercial and industrial applications can be very costly because of existing structures, long wire runs, code requirements, and recurring reconfigurations.

Banner Wireless Value

  • Remotely control—Lights, dimming levels, fans, and motors; use in conjunction with equipment monitoring sensors to stop motors remotely when potential issues are detected
  • Eliminate control wires—The Sure Cross® Wireless system is a radio frequency network with integrated I/O that removes the need for control wires
  • Extend wireless range—H15E model can be used as a repeater in a MultiHop wireless system
  • Reduce complexity—Facility or machine reconfiguration made easier; great for retrofit applications
  • Monitor power—Use a current transformer to monitor and analyze power consumption by using analog inputs
  • Easy, plug-and-play deployment—The relays and wireless radio are housed in a single device, simplifying installation on existing equipment and enabling deployments in remote and hard-to-access locations where implementing a wired solution would be difficult, impractical, or not cost-effective

Banner Wireless AC Node Control Solution

  • 100–277 V ac supply voltage
  • Ability to switch up to two 10 amp ac loads
  • Rated IEC IP65
  • 25 W courtesy power
  • No separate power supply required
  • Two discrete inputs and two discrete outputs
  • Two 0–10 V dc analog inputs and two 0–10 V dc analog outputs
  • AC-powered repeater for extending the signal distance in MultiHop radio applications (H15 model)


  • Control and dim lighting fixture banks in commercial or industrial facilities; backbone for IoT lighting control to increase security and energy savings without having to integrate into complex building management systems (BMS).
  • Retrofit applications where it may be cost prohibitive to pull control wires to switches (conduit/sealed walls/long distances/rooftops) when AC power is already available at the device.
  • Control motors and fans in remote locations or hard-to-reach areas; turn aeriation fans on/off based on temperature or humidity inputs; shut down motors based on irregular vibration alarms (avoid catastrophic damage).
  • Extend the range of the wireless signal by configuring as a powered MultiHop repeater for long material conveyors, large process facilities, or underground tunnels.• Provide power and wireless control connectivity to remote I/O devices; in “clustered” I/O applications this drastically reduces wiring cost and complexity.
  • Control material diverters or dampers in hard-to-reach facilities such as grain elevators; reduce wiring cost and minimize human intervention in hazardous or unsafe situations in tower installations.