Highly concentrated sealed LED spotlight with color and angle options

The Banner WL50S Series of Sealed LED Spotlight for Task Lighting provides a very bright, sealed spotlight for general task lighting applications with a IP69K rating ideal for harsh wash-down environments. 

Highly concentrated, focused light

Available in white, red, or green

Illuminates large areas with no shadows and even light

12 to 30 V dc operation

Cabled and quick-disconnect models available

56 mm diameter with flat profile and 30 mm mounting base

Rugged sealed housing rated to IP69K

Available in a chemically resistant 316 stainless steel housing for use in harsh environments


Vision Sensor to Read QR Codes

In applications such as the scanning of QR codes on vehicle transmissions, bright, even lighting is required to ensure easy and reliable scanning. The Banner WL50S Spotlight provides highly concentrated, even illumination of the target with no shadows.