Durable, long-life LED work light with easy installation options

Banner's WLB92 Series features an ultra-bright LED fixture with an even light output, which provides bright task lighting, enabling increased productivity. 

Increase worker productivity and ergonomics with bright, high-quality, uniform light

Durable light stands up in your environment with a rugged metal housing and shatterproof light cover

No maintenance time or cost with long-life, energy-efficient LEDs

Flexibility to place light where needed with AC and DC models

Easy installation with variety of mounting options, such as surface, swivel, snap, and hanging brackets

Available in white, warm white, blue, red, yellow, and green


Low-bay LED lighting

Challenge: Need for bright, even lighting in a large warehouse but large, open areas make effective illumination difficult. 

Solution: The WLB92 Series provides heavy-duty, very bright light with low maintenance. 

Improve quality inspection

Challenge: Large areas that need consistent, even illumination such as in automobile quality inspection areas. 

Solution: The WLB92 series provides consistent and extremely bright light with an industrial construction ideal for rugged environments. 

Robotic work cell lighting

Challenge: Work cell illumination for visual inspection in large areas with high risk of impact to equipment. 

Solution: The WLB92 Series can be cascaded to provide consistent lighting throughout the entire manufacturing area and rugged housing for high-risk environments.

Improving detection of surface imperfections with green lighting

Challenge: Ambient and white light provide insufficient contrast for defect detection on manufacturing materials.

Solution: The WLB92 Series with green industrial LED task lighting enhances visibility of surface imperfections and improves contrast with long-lasting, affordable illumination. 



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