Robust multi-color LED strip lights combine illumination and indication

Available in three- and five-color models, Banner's new WLS27 Multicolor LED Strip Lights with EZ-STATUS™ provide brilliant, bright illumination and high-visibility indication in one robust light fixture. They have the same rugged build, compact design, and attractive cylindrical shape as other LED lights in the WLS27 Series, making them a versatile solution suitable for use in diverse applications and challenging environments. The WLS27 Series is now available with heavy diffuse windows for reduced intensity and a more uniform light distribution. Customize the WLS27 Series to any indication application with segmented models available in several length and color combinations.

Rugged, water-resistant IP66, IP67, and IP69K construction

Chemically resistant copolyester housing

Aerodynamic cylindrical shape suitable for laminar airflow applications

Excellent light output 

(650 lumens per foot for white)

Power multiple light fixtures with a single electrical connection and multiple mounting options

Models available with IO-Block compatible pinout


Simplify machine operation and troubleshooting

Proper illumination allows operators to more effectively monitor processes and perform manual tasks. A change in color of one light can direct staff to the area on the machine that needs attention, allowing users to quickly identify and resolve problems.

Increase productivity and quality

The WLS27 allows staff to focus on tasks without diverting attention to monitor status. It provides vivid bright light to help workers complete tasks quickly and correctly. When a change in status occurs, the WLS27 fills the work area with colored light corresponding to the new condition, providing an unmistakable alert to staff within natural sightlines.

Improve traffic flow and safety

The WLS27 makes it easy to find and safely navigate entry points and intersections in areas where forklifts and other mobile equipment are present. The white light increases visibility and safety within an area, and color changes provide a clear indication at the natural focal point whenever equipment is approaching, a gate is opening or closing, or other traffic conditions occurs.



Machine lighting and indication

Work and assembly station lighting and indication


Traffic flow and area access lighting and indication

Service and collaborative robots lighting and indication

Human and machine vision inspection lighting


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