Compact, efficient LED strip light for versatile applications with multi-color options

Even, bright, highly efficient LED illumination for industrial control cabinets and work cells with poor factory lighting conditions.

Compact, space-saving design

Rugged, water-resistant IP69K option

Available in 8 lengths from 145mm 

to 1130mm

Lensed models or choice of clear or diffuse window

Cascade models for connecting multiple lights end-to-end minimizing wiring 

UV 365nm and 395nm wavelength models available for UV fluorescent an non-fluorescent applications

High/Lo/Off switch and non-switch models available

Low power consumption of less than 9 watts per foot

Optional snap clips for easy installation and repositioning

Automatic temperature protection built into the unit. Above 50 degrees Celsius, the light dims to manage heat and product product lifetime. 

Three- and five-color models with EZ-STATUS combine illumination and indication in one robust strip light. 


Packaging frozen dinners on a cartoner

In cartoning applications, various applications are required in one machine. The WLS28-2 Series provides bright, long-lasting visibility for operator access and easily fits on the machine without obscuring access. 

Work light strips for bright cabinet illumination

When it comes to installation, maintenance, and monitoring tasks, work areas and enclosures require bright, even illumination. In areas with limited space and limited access to power sources, the WLS28-2 Series can provide bright, ergonomic light sources that can fit into work cabinets.