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3D Printing Meetup: Flexible Materials Roundup!

January 21, 2019

Location: The Training Center 1201 Maple Street West Des Moines, IA 50265

The 3rd Monday of every month, Brandon Hart of HartSmart Products hosts a 3D Printing Meetup. For the last two and half years, this meetup has been hosted at Area515.

Ramco Innovations and Maple Ventures are thrilled that Brandon has decided to move his monthly meet up to our new training center!

The day of the event, you can park in the lot adjacent to the building or the lot across Maple street from the building. You will enter through the orange door that says Training Center (next to the glass garage door)


January 21st Meetup Details

Time: 7-9pm

Stop being so rigid! 3D Printing is more than just hard plastics. Come on out and learn about the huge list of various types of flexible materials from around the world, and how to print with them. Brandon will be doing a full roundup of all flexible materials! Do you have one you want to ensure is part of the test group? Post it in the comments below.

Have you been infuriated by flexible materials in the past? Felt like you were tryin to push wet spaghetti through your hotend? Or are you just curious about what it takes to successfully print with this challenging material type? Or perhaps you have it mastered! Or do you just want to understand what options exist for flexible materials? Come on out and join the conversation! We’ll see you there!