Easy installation; safer verification

Why use a voltage indicator?

After disconnecting power to an enclosure, electricians can pre-verify voltage isolation while the enclosure door is safely closed. The risk of arc-flash is reduced because electricians know if there is power inside the enclosure before re-verifying isolation.

What is a PESD?

Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESDs) are electrical components hardwired to a source of voltage(s) and installed into electrical systems enabling workers to validate zero electrical energy without being exposed to voltage. PESDs inherently minimize arc flash and shock hazards because they reduce voltage exposure, provide voltage labeling on all sources and provide 24/7 visual and/or audible indication of voltage.

New Flex-Mount voltage indicators

These new indicators provide visual energy verification while keeping workers away from voltage. The voltage indicator is ideal to mount on any electrical equipment or housing with a M20 or 3/4” conduit knockout. Directional mounting with factory supplied labels allows installation flexibility for optimal LED visibility while mounted to the left, right, top or bottom of the equipment.

This 3-phase voltage indicator uses redundant, long-life LEDs to provide a visual indication of energy presence. Both the 4-wire and NEW 5-wire configurations can be mounted virtually anywhere.


Flex-Mount adds the benefit of directional mounting which enables optimal LED visibility (optional flashing or nonflashing) from the top, bottom, left side or right side of any electrical equipment with an M20 or 3/4” conduit knockout.

In addition to the four-wire option, the Flex-Mount is the first voltage indicator from SafeSide® available in a NEW five-wire configuration for use on wye power systems.

Allows maintenance personnel to safely pre-verify voltage presence, making LOTO more productive by enhancing compliance to NFPA 70E standards and the OSHA energy isolation principle.

Wiring applications