Your machine IIOT gateway

The eWON Flexy 205 is an advanced internet data gateway that allows Machine Builders to monitor and collect vital KPIs for analysis and predictive maintenance. With data logging, alarming, built-in web interface, scripting and enhanced internet connectivity, the Flexy 205 is a modular Internet Gateway for your IoT deployment. It also supports VPN Remote Access for easy troubleshooting of your distant industrial equipment. You get all the benefits of the original Flexy, in a compact size!

Unlock new services with your machines' data

With eWON Flexy 205, Machine Builders can remotely access their machines and monitor/collect vital KPIs for analysis and predictive maintenance.

Secure Remote Access

eWON Remote Access routers offer easy and fully secure remote access, across the internet, to machines and installations on the customer sites or in the field. With Flexy 205 Machine Builders can monitor and troubleshoot machines remotely as if they were on site.

Unlock your Machines’ Data!

Enabling data opens up unlimited new possibilities. Flexy 205 offers various data services from simple monitoring applications (Alarms, Web HMIs, …) to easy data collection tools that lead to advanced IIoT applications such as performance monitoring and proactive maintenance.

Stop traveling on site for support

Drastically reduce maintenance costs and optimize customers machine uptime

  • Troubleshoot and program PLCs remotely 
  • Connect to a web camera for assistance 
  • View and control your remote HMIs 
  • Support field technicians for commissioning

Quickly read & benefit from your data

All PLC protocols embedded

Alarm Notifications

Effectively decrease machines downtime by optimizing reactivity.

Data Logging

Log up to 1 million time-stamped data points.


Flexy 205 can store web pages. This means that every user, whether he is on the customer or the machine builder side, can remotely access its own personalized web dashboard, stored in the Flexy, displaying specific information about the machines.

IIOT Ready

Connect with major IoT clouds

Data Retrieval

Logged data can be easily retrieved or sent for data aggregation and analysis using HTTPS, MQTT or FTP.

Smart APIs

  • Collect data from 1000’s of machines from multiple remote sites in only one API call. 
  • Get access to real-time data in read-write mode to build online monitoring and control applications.