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Panasonic DP-102-N Digital High Pressure & Vacuum Sensor

Item #: DP-102-N

Product Info

Panasonic Industrial Devices Sunx

Accurate Pressure/Vacuum Sensor with Superior Visibility

Key Features of This Model:

  • Panasonic (formerly Sunx) Compound Pressure and Vacuum Sensor with Digital Display

  • High Pressure, Standard Function Version

  • Pressure Range: -14.64 to +146.4 psi

  • NPN output

  • M5 Female and NPT 1/8 Thread. (Pressure port common in North America)

Improved Dual Digital Display Allows You Direct Setting of Threshold Value

The DP-100 Series is equipped with a 30 mm square compact-sized dual display. The current and threshold values can be checked at the same time, so the threshold value can be set and checked without switching to another screen mode. ON / OFF operations still continue while the threshold values are being set. Key lock function is included as well.


DP-100 Sensors are Compound Low & High Pressure

Low Pressure: Ideal for applications such as suction.

High Pressure: Ideal for applications such as checking reference pressure. Can also be used for simple suction.

All DP-100 Models and Compound Pressure Types

Fast Response Time & Excellent Repeatability

The low pressure type displays measurements in 0.1 kPa at a resolution of 1/2,000 and has a response time of 2.5 ms (variable up to 5,000 ms), ±0.5 F.S. temperature characteristics and ±0.1 F.S. repeatability.

panasonic dp-100_high_performance_illustration

Item Specifications

  • DP-100
  • Self-contained digital sensor
  • Compound
  • -14.6 to +146.4 PSI
  • M5 female + NPT 1/8 male
  • Dual 4 digit 3-color LCD
  • Non-corrosive gas
  • 12 to 24 VDC
  • NPN
  • 2m conn/cable
  • IP40
  • 0.50 lbs per EA
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