4-axis palletizing robot is flexible and agile

Nachi Robotic Systems palletizing robots have a Reach up to 3210mm, Payload up to 180/210kg, 4 axis, and Repeatability up to ±0.4mm. The LP Series offers generous horizontal and vertical strokes. A single robot is capable of reaching up to 6 pallets in a single cell. High-speed LP130 can reach 1800 cycles per hour. Air and Control wiring provided to J4 for easy connectivity to your part gripper. Robot floor mounting.


High-speed palletizing

  • 1,500 packages per hour for 130kg loads (LP130),1,800 packages per hour for 60kg loads (LP130)
  • Flexible system setup is available with 130kg, 180kg, or 210kg capacity models.
Handle a variety of loads

  • Easily lift different shapes and sizes.
  • Optional palletizing hands available to carry loads that are small or large.
Compact Layout

  • Compact design reduces interference within a large operating range so work area layouts can be flexible and compact.

Easy Operation

  • Teaching operations are easy for novices to understand.
  • Interactive instructions are possible.
  • Equipped with an automatic program generation function that can be used simply by inputting work measurements and selecting a palletizing pattern.
  • Also offers special functions such as an "overlapping placement prevention" function and a "work height correction" function that supports bags for which thickness changes according to self-weight. These functions realize simple setting and teaching.
  • By using the simulation software FDonDesk, it is possible to create programs and to check palletizing conditions and cycle time on a PC.
  • FD11