Nachi joins Omron, Robotiq and Schunk in complete robot solutions lineup from Ramco

West Des Moines, IA: Automation solutions distributor Ramco Innovations announces the addition of Nachi Robotic Systems to their full service robotics solution offering. Ramco offers parallel, collaborative, articulated, mobile, and SCARA robots from Omron Automation and end of arm tooling solutions from Robotiq and Schunk. The current robot offerings will be joined by large material handling, welding, and palletizing robot solutions from Nachi.

Nachi Robotic Systems strives to advance robotic software and application technologies with a range of robots. Nachi robots support larger payload and required reach applications including arc welding, spot welding, material handling, palletizing applications and more.

Joe Stoltz, Vice President of Business Development for Ramco Innovations, emphasizes the importance of adding Nachi product lines to position Ramco Innovations as the premier industrial robot distributor. “We want to be able to provide our customers with a robot for any application they might have, which includes being able to provide a full suite of robot options from Collaboratives and Mobiles to larger payload material handling and welding solutions, as well as a full complement of End of Arm tooling solutions. Adding Nachi to our existing Omron robotics line allows us to offer a complete solution to our customers with the technology to improve their processes, operations, and in turn, their communities.” Ramco’s Robotics Lab features premiere robot technology and offers Proof of Concept services to customers seeking to add a robot to their process.

About Ramco Innovations: Ramco Innovations is an automation solutions distributor based in West Des Moines, IA with nearly 60 years of experience providing customers with world-class products and technical expertise from product lines including ABB, Banner, Omron, Turck and more.

About Nachi Robotics Systems: Nachi Robotic Systems is a full-service robotics provider offering robots and turnkey solutions for many solutions including spot and arc welding, sealing, palletizing, assembly and more.

About Omron Industrial Automation:
Omron Industrial Automation is a global automation solutions manufacturer and works closely with customers to achieve new innovations in manufacturing. Omron offers a variety of robot solutions including, mobile, SCARA, collaborative, and articulated robots.