Improved machine design. Increased machine productivity.

Designed to meet the machine requirements, the 1S Servo technology optimizes the full cycle, through the machine design, installation and commissioning tasks and finally to the maintenance once in production. In addition to the traditional motion solution, the 1S Sservo offers high-resolution multi-turn encoder without battery backup, safety network built-in and improved loop control allowing accurate and higher machine productivity. The Omron 1S Servo optimizes installation and commissioning tasks by reducing the cabinet size with a compact drive with the same height throughout the whole power range, allowing for a 50% reduction in setup time. 

Servo Features

  • Power range from 50 W to 3 kW – 100/200/400V 
  • 23-bit high-resolution encoder 
  • 350% momentary maximum torque (200 V, 750 W max.) 
  • Battery-free absolute multi-turn encoder 
  • Improved loop control for low overshoot and quick settling time 
  • Safety function built-in: 
    • Hardwired Safe Torque Off: EN ISO 13849-1(Cat.3 PLe), EN61508(SIL3), EN62061(SIL3), EN61800-5-2(STO) 
    • Safety over EtherCAT(FSoE): EN ISO 13849-1(Cat.3 PLd), EN61508(SIL2), EN62061(SIL2), EN61800-5-2(STO)

Simplified machine design and maintenance

  • No battery, no maintenance 
  • No need for homing sequence improving machine uptime 
  • 23-bit high-resolution encoder is standard 
  • Absolute multi-turn encoder design without mechanics: 16 bits, 65536 turns 
  • Compact and smaller motor size

Higher productivity

125 µs system cycle

  • Faster machine speed keeping the same accuracy 
  • Accurate profile generation in the controller 
  • The 23-bit high-resolution encoder in combination with the improved loop control provides an accurate following profile

Integrated Safety

Safety control 

  • Simplified safety installation 
  • Reduction of safety devices 
  • Safety function built-in: 
    • Fail Safe over EtherCAT (FSoE) Safe Torque Off 
  • Safety approval: 
    • EN ISO 13849-1(Cat.3 PLd), EN61508(SIL2), EN62061(SIL2), EN61800-5-2(STO) 
  • Troubleshooter integrated with Sysmac Studio