Innovation created by a switch that connects people and machines wirelessly

The Omron A2W Wireless Pushbutton Series system features a push button and receiver wired to your main enclosure and signals your process what button is pressed. A maximum of 8 buttons can transmit back to a main receiver. The buttons feature an on-board indicator that gives you visual confirm of a transmission to the receiver. Green indicates a strong signal, Yellow for weak signal, and Red for reception failure. The push buttons themselves come in multiple colors to suite your specific application needs. With 100-meter line of site indication distance, these buttons are extremely versatile. We recommend that you always test your application prior to implementation to ensure no obstacles are affecting your wireless signal distance.

8 pushbuttons can be assigned to one receiver unit

Each receiver has 8 transistor outputs (one-shot operation)

A push button can be assigned to multiple outputs of a receiver

The self-generated power created by the button operation eliminates the need for a power supply or batteries

Wireless communication is confirmed with a colored LED indicator on the pushbuttons

922.5MHz frequency band reduces interference, providing a better signal in locations with obstacles

A high-sensitivity magnetic-base antenna is an option when installing the receiver inside a control panel


  • Notifying ON/OFF information (i.e. Call a supervisor, missing item information, work completion notification)

  • Instructions to automated guided vehicles (i.e. Instruction to stop or go)

  • Instructions for manned guided vehicles (i.e. Instructions for opening and closing
    shutters or doors of warehouses, fork-lifts)

  • Instructions to a machine (i.e. Stopping, opening and closing doors)