E3AS-F Time of Flight Sensing for Any Object

Omron’s Time of Flight (TOF) photoelectric sensor enables indiscriminate detection of a wide variety of objects. E3ASF photoelectric sensors are able to maintain the same sensing distance regardless of target color, texture, contour, or sheen based on TOF technology. Their small form factor and environmental protections, including oil resistance, make the E3AS-F a suitable choice for many applications.

Minimal color influence on sensing distance

50mm to 1500mm sensing range

IP69K and IP67G

Ecolab tested and certified detergent resistance

Single teach button

IO-Link distance output monitoring

Metal (SUS316L) and plastic bodies available

Compact size

E3AS-L Distance-Settable Compact Background Suppression

The E3AS-L product family offers background suppression in a robust compact body for short-range applications. E3AS-L uses Omron’s proprietary light emitting elements to maintain stable detection of targets that are thin or have low reflectivity and has improved black/white error.

Detect low reflective targets more accurately

Reduced Black/White error

80mm and 200mm max sensing range models

Small differential travel

Single teach button

IP69K, IP67G, and Ecolab Certification

Metal (SUS316L) body

Compact size

IO-Link enabled configurability