Compact and intelligent general purpose controllers

The next generation E5C series temperature controller is setting a new standard in terms of regulation performance easy set-up and outstanding visibility. With 3 (4) AUX outputs on board and other useful features, these slim case controllers (depth = 60mm) are fit for purpose.

  • Easy to set-up without power supply and operate intuitively via CX-Thermo software 
  • Fast and precise regulation: 50ms sampling loop period time 
  • Best contrast display using white LCD technology which is visible from a far distance and from any angle 
  • Useful alarm and diagnosis functions for secure operations

Factory mutual approved temperature limit controllers

One of the primary concerns of every company is to protect their business (personnel, machines, etc.) from a property loss due to runaway heating or cooling systems. To minimize or altogether eliminate property loss, companies use products that conform to the Factory Mutual standard. The E5_C-600 is ideal for any application where the need to prevent a “temperature runaway” condition that can compromise operator safety, or damage equipment and product.

  • Industrial 
  • Ovens 
  • Furnaces 
  • Kilns 
  • Incinerators 
  • Boilers

The E5C series has high-contrast LCD display for best visibility

The new controllers feature a large, high-contrast white LED display that provides exceptional clarity. You can read the display from a distance and from almost any angle, regardless of the ambient lighting conditions. This not only maximizes convenience for users of the E5C but also virtually eliminates the risk of reading errors.

Easy set-up, quick and intuitive operation

Setting up the E5C Series controllers is made easy by the incorporation of auto-tuning algorithms, and by Omron’s new intuitive CX-Thermo support software. This enables faster parameter setting and straightforward device adjustment as well as greatly simplifying maintenance. A time-saving shift key on the controller front panel allows rapid adjustment of set values.

Excellent control performance

The fast 50 ms sampling time of the new controllers and the use of Omron’s 2-PID control algorithm assures accurate and responsive control. This powerful and patented algorithm provides enhanced control stability, which guarantees consistent product quality. For less demanding applications, the E5CC/E5EC/E5AC controllers also support simple on/off control.

Useful added functions and features

To maximize their versatility, the E5C Series controllers incorporate a range of new features. These include a timer function, a heat and cool PID function, a set-point ramp function, enhanced alarm mode and enhanced manual output. These features are complemented by a remote set-point input, a transfer output, an event input and an auxiliary output.