Scalable G6D-F4PU/G3DZ-F4PU solution helps reduce panel size and installation time


The G6D-F4PU and G3DZ-F4PU relay and sockets are the latest Omron technologies to help reduce panel size with great functionality. Their small footprint combined with Push-In Plust technology help provide customers with quick wiring capbilities in one of our smallest packages.

Whether you require mechanical or solid-state relays, these scalable technologies accommodate the purchase of one part with four relays for PLC I/O control. The separate mechanical relay contacts are rated up to 5A to help interpose PLC outputs for a variety of control applications, while the solid-state relay contacts are rated up to 0.3A to provide the longevity associated with a MOSFET relay.

With a product depth of 35mm, the G6D-F4PU and G3DZ-F4PU are ideal for very small machine panels as well as I/O panels on a production line.


  • 5A rating for the mechanical relay contacts
  • M-echanical and power MOS FET relay models are available
  • Push-In plus terminals help reduce wiring work and the need for re-tightening screws
  • Each relay has independent input and contacts for PLC output compatibility
  • LED operation indicator, diode for coil surge absorbing and tools for easy removal
  • UL and CSA certification for standard models


  • Linking Box (or relay box) on conveyors
  • On Machine Operating Panel
  • Inside of small machines
  • PLCs with IO cards for 500mA (can switch up to 5A).