The smallest device for advanced vision 

The MicroHAWK® platform offers the most advanced machine vision capability on the world’s smallest smart cameras. Built on the highest-performance imaging engine in its class, MicroHAWK cameras are fully-integrated with optics, processor, lighting, and communications, offering an array of modular hardware options to take on any inspection task in three microform factors. Paired with AutoVISION® simplified machine vision software (for barcode reading plus basic vision tasks like locate, count, presence/absence, OCR, and more) scalable to Visionscape® software for advanced applications, MicroHAWK is unrivaled in the industry for performance in its size, and flexibility to meet a variety of application requirements and user experience levels.

Choose your software experience from Auto ID+ to complete machine vision inspection, plug and power, and instantly perform out of the box.

MicroHAWK Engine

MicroHAWK MV 20

MicroHAWK MV 30

MicroHAWK MV 40

Widest range of feature options


FOCUS: Fixed or Autofocus

LENS: Standard, High Density, or UHD

LIGHTING: Inner/Outer, Red, White, Blue, IR Leds

SPEED: Up to 800 MHz

MV-20: OEM Smart Camera

The world’s smallest full-featured and fully-integrated smart camera, MV-20 offers OEMs and engineers a perfect set of value and performance options in a tiny, simple, enclosed solution for embedded designs for traceability and inspection. MV-20 offers a single-cable solution that uses USB for both communication (USB 2.0 High Speed and Ethernet over USB) and power to enable plug-and-play integration. Mini is now micro and incredibly easy to use.


USB 2.0 High Speed

Ethernet over USB

24x34x39 mm

MV-30: Miniature Serial/USB Smart Camera

A micro-sized smart camera with huge potential, the MV-30 furthers Omron Microscan’s 30+ year legacy of innovative, space-efficient, miniature design with a corner-exit cable and high-density 15-pin connector (offering serial, USB 2.0 High Speed, and Ethernet over USB capabilities) as well as optional liquid lens autofocus. Perfect for OEMs and machine builders, the MV-30 offers the perfect combination of size, performance, and flexible integration.


Serial RS-232

USB 2.0

Ethernet over USB


Corner-exit cable

MV-40: Industrial Ethernet Smart Camera

The MV-40 redefines the imaging market as the smallest IP65/67-rated, true-industrial Ethernet smart camera. With the library of Omron Microscan’s machine vision tools on board in a rugged, ultra-compact case, the MV-40 is the complete package for solving any vision inspection challenge under any condition. Combining unprecedented ease-of-use, high-speed communication, optional liquid lens autofocus, and ultra-small form factor, the MV-40 sets the benchmark as the ultimate compact machine vision system in the industry.



Ethernet TCP/IP



Passive PoE

Software Options

AutoVISION® Software provides a simple setup & runtime interface for solving basic to mid-range vision and auto ID applications. Scalable to Visionscape Software. Learn more. 

Visionscape® Software provides a professional setup & runtime interface with access to Omron Microscan’s full auto ID, verification, and machine vision tools. Learn more. 

Modular OEM Imaging Engine

The MicroHAWK® Engine offers OEMs and machine builders the industry’s smallest, most powerful, modular, and scalable smart camera platform available for solving barcode and machine vision application challenges.

The design of the MicroHAWK Engine builds upon Omron Microscan’s 30+ years of experience working with the world’s largest OEMs. MicroHAWK allows nearly endless combinations of easy-to-use software tools, optics, sensors, and processor performance to meet any OEM application requirement. Extremely small, powerful, and simple – MicroHAWK is the only solution for your embedded application.


Measuring just 19.5 mm x 28.7 mm x 33.9 mm and weighing less than 14 g, the MicroHAWK Engine is intended for embedding inside instruments, automation machines, or on robotic equipment.

Extremely Powerful

Built around an ultra-fast microprocessor, MicroHAWK easily solves application challenges ranging from simple barcode reading to intensive machine vision inspections that typically require smart cameras 10 times its size.

Highly Modular

The MicroHAWK Engine’s comprehensive tool set – barcode reading and/or machine vision software, optics, sensor, illumination, and an IP-rated enclosure – allows you virtually unlimited flexibility in configuring your application.

Reliability and Longevity

MicroHAWK delivers both reliability and high performance with the assurance of long-term availability and support. Omron Microscan has served the OEM/Embedded market for over 30 years and we have a sophisticated understanding of the service and support required for the lifecycle of your machine.

Scalable Vision Software

The MicroHAWK Engine runs the full suite of Omron Microscan machine vision tools. AutoVISION software provides an intuitive interface, step-by-step guides, and a library of presets that allow easy set up and deployment. Visionscape software is available for advanced users and more complex applications.