Powerful, robust Stand Alone Safety System

The NX Safety Controller is a powerful and robust Stand Alone Safety System that reaches the PLe according to EN 13849-1 and SIL3 according to IEC 61508.

The EtherNet/IP coupler unit allows for connection to almost any PLC via EtherNet/IP™ or standard Ethernet communications.

In addition, the flexible hardware allows the NX safety I/O units to be mixed in any combination with standard NX I/O units.

Sysmac Studio software allows for configuration, programming, simulation and monitoring functionality.


The system allows up to 63 safety/standard I/O units per coupler; up to 32 safety I/O units to a maximum of 256 safety I/O signals. Therefore, you can configure systems with the right combination of I/O to optimize cost.


The EtherNet/IP coupler unit enables connections with various EtherNet/IP and standard Ethernet devices. Therefore, you can monitor safety status and control standard I/O via the connected PLC.

You can freely distribute the NX Safety I/O Units in the I/O rack throughout the network, mixing them in any combination with standard NX I/O Units.


Detachable screwless terminal block

The detachable terminal block of the I/O unit simplifies the commissioning and maintenance tasks. In addition, screwless push-in connections speed up installation.

ACR (Automatic Configuration Restart)

When replacing a safety I/O Unit, just remove the old unit and insert a new unit. The setting data is automatically downloaded without using the programming software.


The stand-alone system eliminates the need for dedicated controllers for safety input devices and allows for direct connection of safety input devices.

Integration of safety into machine automation enable simple, flexible system configuration.

The NX Safety Controller enables you to integrate a safety solution into the Sysmac automation platform within Omron's one connection and one software concept.