Advanced motion control and networks for onsite IOT in a Sysmac entry model

Advanced Motion Control

The built-in Ethercat port and advanced motion control of NX1P make machines faster and more precise

  • EtherCAT simplifies the wiring to up to eight servo systems including for single-axis position control.
  • Up to four axes of motion control. Electronic cams and interpolation increase machine speed and precision


Linear interpolation and circular interpolation for precise machining and high-speed handling

Electronic Cam

  • Electronic cam enables continuous and high-speed machine operation
  • Electronic cam can meet diverse production needs, which is difficult with mechanical cam

  • Data transmission delay is compensated to synchronize servomotors. Synchronized axes provide high-precision positioning.
  • EtherCAT enables one cable to connect the NX1P with servo drives, reducing wiring work.

1S AC Servo System

  • No battery, no maintenance. No need for homing sequence improving machine uptime
  • 23-bit high-resolution encoder as the standard
  • Improved loop control for low overshoot and quick settling time
  • Safety function: STO

Networks for Onsite IOT

IO-link brings IOT to the sensor level

  • EtherCAT connects I/O devices, motion devices, safety controllers, and vision systems with a single cable.
  • Check machine information by monitoring the status of the connected components.
  • EtherNet/IP enables communications with a host PC and data links between NJ/NX Controllers and CJ PLCs.

Predictive maintenance using IO-link

You can start predictive maintenance with visualization of the status of a small-sized machine.IO-Link functionality can be added to existing machines.

Machine automation controller NX-Series NX1P2 CPU Units