High performance Sysmac CPU for demanding industrial control applications

The Omron NX7 is the highest performance Sysmac CPU available. It's designed to address the most demanding industrial control and motion applications, creating the infrastructure for Big Data support. Simultaneously, the high capacity controller improves engineering integration time, system flexibility, and overall performance.

  • Built-in 128 or 256 axes of Motion
  • Minimum cycle time of 0.125ms
  • Advanced dual-core motion control capabilities
  • Built-in EtherNet/IP (x2) & EtherCAT network interfaces
  • Dual 1Gb EtherNet/IP interfaces for network separation
  • Configured, programmed, and commissioned using Sysmac Studio software
  • Replaceable Fan

The AI Controller version of the NX7 Machine Automation Controller allows for data collection, analysis, and utilization completely for the purpose of high-speed and high-accuracy Anomaly Detection. This functionality is designed to extend equipment life and utilization, as well as help manufacturers improve production quality. By implementing AI on the Edge, without Fog or Cloud connectivity, manufacturers avoid additional infrastructure and maintenance costs associated with off-premises solutions, also protecting their data security.

  • Ideal for detecting mechatronic issues and correcting them
  • Highest data collection speed and security with integrated Time Series Database
  • Data collection cycle (min. 125µs) synchronized with machine control cycle for immediate response
  • Sysmac Libraries available for AI Predictive Maintenance
  • Start-up support and training by Omron engineer
  • Simplified feature extraction and model creation
  • Programmed using Sysmac Studio software

NX7 Machine Automation Controller with SQL Client Functionality

The SQL version of the NX7 Machine Automation Controller allows for direct access to SQL databases via the built-in EtherNet/IP port.

  • Ideal for reliable data logging and quality control traceability
  • Insert, Update, and Select to/from SQL databases
  • Supports Oracle and Microsoft SQL database servers
  • No additional software, hardware or middleware required
  • Access up to three databases on three servers from a single NX7 controller
  • Automatically logs SQL commands and responses to local SD memory card
  • Local data spooling if connection is lost to SQL database server – 2MB max



Item #: NX7011700
Product Line: Omron

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