Superior performance and reliability, and a wide range of standards allow broad usability

  • Wide operating temperature range from -20 to 70ºC. 
  • Built-in transformer eliminates extra hardware and cost; transformer conforms to IEC 61558-2-16. 
  • 68% reduction in volume compared to previous models. 
  • High vibration resistance up to 4.5G. 
  • Reliability at 3,000m. 
  • Models available 15W to 600W. 
  • All models conform to SEMI F47-0706 (200 VAC input). 
  • No Transformers Required for Control Circuits

Standardize on a single series: Models range from 15W to 600W.

S8FS-G with built-in IEC 61558-2-16 Compliant Transformer

An IEC 61558-2-16 compliant transformer is built into the Power Supply to eliminate the need for a transformer with compound windings for control circuits for which IEC 60204-1 Machinery Directive is specified. This helps reduce cost and space requirements.

The S8FS-G allows for equipment downsizing

The slim body design allows for a 68% reductions in volume compared to previous models (S8JX-G). The S8FS-G is only 41mm wide vs 110mm of the previous model.

The design of the S8FS-G allows for stable operation in challenging environments

Stable operation in severe installation environments, such as those with high ambient temperatures and humidity, large vibration or those with unstable input voltages.

  • Wide operating temperature range from -20 to 70ºC (-4 to 158ºF)
  • High vibration environments up to 4.5G 
  • Abnormal input voltages up to 300 VAC 
  • Altitudes up to 3,000

Safety Standard Certification

All normal stock S8FS-G models are UL 508 listed

  1. Less work is required to prepare data and materials for UL application. 
  2. A connection is possible to devices or equipment outside the control panel.

The S8FS-G includes captive screws and prevents entry of foreign matter

The S8FS-G has a front cover and therefore prevents entry of foreign matter from the front surface. A removable mechanism that prevents terminal block screws from dropping out is a standard feature. You can prevent foreign matter ingress and screw drop out that can result in product failure and accidents. This allows worry-free installation and maintenance.