New XW6T Wiring System Interface reduces wiring effort and helps downsize control panels

The XW6T Wiring System Interface makes wiring easier than ever with Omron’s popular Push-In Plus technology that provides a firm wire hold while significantly lowering the required insertion force. Push-In Plus allows operators to insert wires without any tools while ensuring that these wires will be held firmly in place with no re-tightening necessary.

With a green indicator to confirm that cables have been successfully inserted into the terminal hole, the XW6T gives panel builders peace of mind that everything has been properly connected while also shortening wiring time. Errors such as incomplete wiring are easy to spot with the system’s quick inspection and installation features.

In addition, the XW6T boasts a compact frame to help manufacturers downsize their control panels and reserve space for future functionality requirements.

Key Features:

  • Push-In Plus technology for easy wiring
  • Visible indicator for quick wiring status verification
  • Color-coded jumper bar for easy terminal identification
  • Slim size to help downsize control panel

Key Benefits:

  • Provides a firm hold with exceptional vibration resistance
  • Makes it easy to determine wiring state with indicators
  • Helps downsize control panels and reduce design time
  • No troublesome crossover wiring required

The XW6T is ideal for customers who need a better solution for control panel design, including customers seeking to downsize their control panels. It's also suitable for customers wanting better visibility for wiring status as well as those experiencing problems with wires loosening due to excessive vibration.

Colored short bars are built in. You can easily see the common areas by using the visible short bars placed at the front face of the terminal blocks.

Immediately Identify the wiring state with visible indicators that help you avoid errors such as non-wiring and incomplete wiring.

Unlike screw terminal blocks, push-in plus terminals require no re-tightening for inspections, shipping, or maintenance.