High accuracy, compact laser sensors with enhanced sensing resolution

Highest accuracy detection

Background suppression with CMOS linear image sensor

Excellent repeatability

Detection of parts position within 80µm accuracy is possible

High resolution electronic shutter

Allows sensing of all targets with low or high reflectance surfaces

Bright LED display

Aids in set up and monitoring

Enhanced sensing resolution

Programmable hysteresis perfect for both high accuracy and high vibration

Compact and lightweight

Ideal for mounting the BGS-HL on robots

Dual output version now available

BGS-HL Type ideal for 2 level or step outputs that used to require 2 sensors to achieve


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Checking Camshaft position

Checking face of black rubber parts

Detecting wafers piling

Detecting edge of wafer frame

Detecting O-rings

Detecting blister pack stacks (BGS-HDL)

Detecting amount remaining for component feeder (BGS-HDL)

Detecting straws and floating (BGS-HDL)



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