Laser measurement sensor with CMOS displacement

The CD5 Series linear image CMOS displacement laser features high resolution and stable performance regardless of sensing material.

Ten laser sensor models for all types of sensing surfaces including diffuse and specular surfaces. Glass thickness measurement algorithm built into the controller.

Up to three laser heads can connect to one multi function LCD controller. Laser heads can also operate independently of the controller via serial communications.


Ultra high repeat accuracy and linearity

The CD5 series features excellent linearity of ±0.05% F.S. and can be used on materials for which stable measurement is often difficult, such as SUS or black rubber, while still delivering a smooth linearity curve.

Measurement possible using only the sensor head.

The sensor head features a built in displacement function which allows for measured value output by way of RS-422 and laser OFF input / synchronous input that can be controlled without use of an amplifier.

Direct connection to Mitsubishi Electric PLCs

When connected to a MELSEC-Q series base unit, the CD5 unit can perform automatic recognition, is easy to set up, and features high-speed data processing and low costs.


Measurement of thickness of ink jet coating

Measurement of thickness of electrode substrate

Measurement of rubber sheet thickness

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