Independent controller for connection with two sensors featuring OLED display

  • Two CD22 RS-485 laser sensors can be connected to one controller
  • Two CDX Series High Accuracy Displacement Lasers
  • Designed with built in program for thickness and step height measurements
  • Highly visible OLED display for quick checking of measurement data
  • Three independent digital outputs for HI-GO-LO detection
  • 4-20ma output for measurement applications
  • CC link compatible for networking applications


High speed calculation

Connect up to two sensors for high-speed calculation of thickness and height with one amplifier unit. 

CC-Link Connection

The CDA can connect to CC-Link via the UC1 series communication unit for monitoring of measurement values and remote sensor monitoring. 

System configuration

New Product Feature

Optex CDA-M-F02

High Resolution Controller for the CDX series capable of providing up to 0.25 micron resolution when used with the CDX A type lasers.


Tech Specs

ModelMaster (CDA-M)Slave (CDA-S)
Sensor head (CD22) Max. Number2 units of CD22-??-485M12
Sensor head (CD22) Connection
DSL-1204-G02M (amplifier side: M8 4pin / sensor side: M12 5pin, not included)
Connectable unit number
Max. 8 units
Power supply
12~24VDC ±10% including ripple (power lines of cable of slave units to be connected to power supply)?
Current consumption
100mA Max. /12VDC
128 × 96 pixels (organic EL display)
Power indicator: Red / Green, Output 1~ 3 indicator: Orange
Analog Output
4~20mA, Maximum load resistance: 300 Ohm
Control Output
3 NPN/PNP Open collector outputs, 30VDC 100mA Max. (Residual voltage 1.8V Max.)

External Input
2 inputs
2 meter cable (f5.8mm)
Operating Temp./Humid.
-20~50? / 35~85% RH without freezing or condensation
Storage Temp./Humid.
-20~60? / 35~85% RH without freezing or condensation
Vibration resistance
10~55Hz, Double amplitude 1.5mm, X,Y,Z for 2 hours
Shock resistance
500m/s2 (approx. 50G), X,Y,Z 3 times each
Protection circuit
Reverse connection protection
Protection category