High performance compact thermal sensor with separate amplifier

  • High performance for harsh environments - IP69K 
  • Amplifier separate 
  • World's smallest sensor head for mounting in tight spaces 
  • Amplifier with digital display 
  • Easy temperature adjustment
  • Heat resistant sensor head capable of handling up to 180°C


Ultra-small sensor head

The CS Series features the world's smallest-class sensor head and is ideal for installation in limited spaces, measuring at M12x30mm. .

Compact body

The CS Series' compact body with a 7 segment, large digital display offers visibility and operability, with large, easy-to-use buttons. 

IP69K Protection

With the industry's highest level of waterproof performance, the CS Series features an IP69K protection rating and is ideal for use in harsh manufacturing lines, even those including high-pressure sterilization washing. 

2-point teaching function

The CS Series makes temperature adjustment simple with a 2-point teaching function, allowing the upper and lower limits for a measurement target to be set. 

Easy adjustment with laser marker

An optional laser marker can be used for easy alignment for precise positioning, even with a small head. 


Temperature control during sprocket molding

Temperature management for panel bonding

Temperature measurement of raw plastic sheets

Hot-melt adhesive inspections

Temperature control of iron plates in hamburger cooking machines