D4RF Series with Easy to Read Display and IO Link Interface

  • Easy-to-Read, Easy-to-Use Fiber Sensor Amplifier.
  • Easy-to-read OLED display
  • Fiber insertion indicators for instant verification
  • Detection on a Difference from Recorded Data in the Past
  • IO-Link network supported

D4RF Features

 1.  Intuitive OLED Display

  2. Large LED Indicators 

  3. Indicator ensures proper fiber Insertion

  4. Larger buttons for more secure operation

  5.  Cover with wide angle opening


Enhanced Long Distance Detection

High-power LEDs in combination with a lens designed for efficiency has increased the sensing distance.
This ensures detection that is stable and resistant to dust and contamination .

As fast as 16 µs response for high speed  applications

New -Y type   Detects small parts at a shorter distance by sensing minute changes in light intensity

Factory Reset Demonstration

Sensor Line up