Self-contained, cylindrical, non-contact IR thermometers with IO Link or 4-20ma output

Excellent environmental resistance

The IP-67 compatible waterproof function prevents dust and water from getting inside. The heat-resistant design can handle ambient temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius. The SA-80 has adopted a SUS body and silicone lens that allows for greater resistance to noise, more accurate temperature measurement, and more stable operability. 

High speed response time

High speed response of 100ms allows the SA80 Series sensor to be used to monitor fast moving targets or quick changing temperature processes. 

Wide and long focusing field of view

The SA-80 features unique settings that can be configured for a wide focus area. Se the sensor to see an area diameter of 80mm at a distance of 500mm. 

IO Link Option

Emissivity adjustment and alarm outputs can be set through IO link using SA-80T-4IO. Allows for more accurate temp measurements on a wider variety of materials.  

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  • 18mm cylindrical barrel
  • High Speed Response 100ms
  • IP67 rated and resistant to dust and water
  • Heat resistance up to 70°C
  • High speed response 100ms / 90%
  • Ø 80mm / 500mm field of view
  • Noise-resistance analog output: 4-20 mA