This compact long distance laser sensor uses time of flight technology to detect presence of a target from as far as 4.5 meters from the target. The TOF-L series has a very stable and repeatable detection allowing for detection of different reflective material at the same distance while ignoring background.

  • World's smallest time of flight sensor with amplifier built in for mounting in really tight spaces 
  • Long distance detection with up to 4.5 meter range 
  • Bright visible class I laser light source 
  • Very stable detection on a variety of materials and reflectivities 
  • Variety of configurations to choose from including dual output, M8, M12, and integral cable options


Long-distance sensors are often large and heavy. The FASTUS TOF-L series of photoelectric sensors features a built-in amplifier and allows for a high-sensitivity APD, high-speed responses of 0.5 ms, and detection distances up to 4.5m.

Time of Flight Principle

The TOF principle takes the measurement of the time it takes a pulse-emitted laser to hit a target and return and uses it to calculate distance. This provides strong resistance to influences from the target's surface conditions and produces stable detection.

The Compact TOF Sensor

At just 17 x 32.8 x 44.4 mm, the TOF-L series of photoelectric sensors offers long distance detection in an incredibly compact design.

Capable of stable detection over long distance

Stable detection even with glossy or low-reflectance workpieces

By relying on distance from a workpiece, rather than differences in the amount of light received, the TOF-L series is capable of long-distance detection with a variety of workpieces.

Stable detection even when determining level differences

The TOF-L series is capable of low hysteresis for white objects and delivers level-difference detection from remote locations. The sensors also reduce black/white errors without sacrificing detection accuracy.

Class 1 Laser in Emitter Light Source

The TOF-L series sensor achieves long-distance detection with a Class 1 laser that is safe on the eyes and features a clearly visible spot beam for easy axis adjustments.


Workpiece seating verification

Vehicle detection in parking structures

Position detection in unmanned transport vehicles

Inventory verification in automated warehouses

Long-distance aluminum frame detection

Height detection in wrapping machines