Durable wash-down sensor for high pressure, high temperature applications

Extremely durable stainless steel housing with IP69K rating (DIN 40050-9) designed to withstand high temperature high pressure washdown. The Optex ZM series has a SUS316L housing that is highly resistant to corrosion, detergent, and bactericide. The lens, top cover, sensitivity pot, cable and gasket are all also designed with tough environments in mind.

  • Stainless steel IP69K enclosure perfect for food processing lines 
  • High pressure, high temperature, detergent wash-down resistant 
  • BGS type with 8 turn adjustment pot for precise adjustment 
  • Long distance 30 meter sensing distance on thrubeam model


Oil and coolant resistant

The ZM Series is tough against oil and coolant at a cost effective price. .

High brightness 4 element red LED

IP69K Rating

The ZM Series features an IP69K rating and an IP66 rating and is touugh against humidity, water, steam cleaning, and more to be durable environments with high-pressure and severe environments. 


Can be used in production lines that are frequently washed

Can be used in production lines where detergent is splashed

Engine block detection

Detects drill breakage on NC machine

Can be used in meat and fresh food lines (cable type)

Tech Data

Angular DeviationExcess GainInterference AreaHysteresisSpot Size




HysteresisInterface AreaSensing AreaSpot Size

Cable TypeM8 Connector TypeM12 Pigtail Connector Type