Small-diameter optical bubble sensors

The BE-A Series from Panasonic is an optical air bubble sensor that simply and easily connects to small diameter transparent tubes and monitors presence of liquid in the tube. When an air gap (bubble) is present the sensors' outputs will change state. There are 3 different versions available for 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm outside diameter tubing. The high speed output is perfect for rapidly moving liquid in the line.

The BE-A series is great for use in liquid dispensing instruments, clinical laboratory instruments, or anywhere precise liquid dispensing is needed.


One-touch attachment

Install the sensor attachment quickly and easily with a one-touch attachment using only your hand.

Ideal for small tubes

With 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm options, the   BE-A Series fits perfectly on small tubes without obstructing the flow rate. 


High speed detection

The BE-A Series provides high speed, reliable detection of 0.8mm air gaps at a response speed of 20 µs.



Only the size of a fingertip, the BE-A Series is perfect for installation in narrow spaces


Reduced costs

The BE-A Series features a built-in amplifier which allows it to be installed in close proximity to other sensors.   



Liquid dispensing instrument

Clinical laboratory instrument