Complete 116 model line-up for precision and performance

Find a photoelectric sensor for any application in the Panasonic CX-400 series featuring 116 models designed for high-demand environments. The CX-400 series includes models specially designed for oil, coolant, or ethanol resistance. With high precision optics and high performance circuitry, this series provides stable sensing for determining height differences, detecting transparent objects, and subtle color differences. 

World standard, workhorse series of the Panasonic product line

Withstands oil, coolants, and is ethanol resistant

Wide range of models including BGS and FGS modes

Increased sensing capability

The CX-400 series makes detecting targets of different colors and brightness levels a breeze with 30% higher sensing capability. Black and white targets can be sense at the same distances. 

Reduced power consumption

The CX-400 series lineup features the inclusion of a newly developed custom integrated circuit to achieve reductions in power consumption of up to 60%, and averaging 44% reduction when upgrading. These sensors reduce carbon emissions and contribute to environmental friendliness.

Stronger noise resistance

The CX-400 series incorporates an inverter countermeasure circuit that appropriately shifts with peak wavelength to have a higher noise resistance than its previous model. These sensors now resist high-frequency noie from high-voltage inverter motors and inverter lights more effectively. 

CX-400 carries an IP67 rating

The CX-400 series is resistant to oil and coolant liquids thanks to the lens material of the thru-beam, retroreflective, and the diffuse reflective versions. Made of strong acrylic, the lens material resists the harmful effects of coolants. 

Use these sensors with confidence even around metal processing machinery that disperses oil mists. 

The front and display covers of the CX-400 consist of a strong, ethanol resistant polycarbonate making the sensors safe for installing near food processing machinery that disperses ethanol based detergents. 


Thru-beam type

Detecting out of position tape feeder cassette

Detecting objects in dusty environments

Retroreflective type

Passage confirmation of object on a conveyor belt

Detecting transparent glass bottles

Detecting a small tablet

Detecting a biscuit