Compact digital pressure sensor for gas with high visibility display

The DP-0 pressure sensor series has been completely redesigned from the ground up to improve usability. New features include a high visibility display and a black case to make the display stand out, a compact, extra short depth and light weight design and simple and easy operation. It's available in both low and high pressure types.

  • Features three output modes for use in a variety of applications (EASY mode, hysteresis mode, and window comparator mode)
  • Designed for easy set-up with tight installation in mind
  • Compact and functional design


Simple operation

Featuring coaxial reflective optics and a 15mm spot allow for stable, high precision detection of any mark. 


Operation Setting Mode: Select from EASY mode, hysteresis mode, or window comparator mode.

NO/NC Setting Mode: Set the comparative output operation to NO or NC. 

Response Time Setting Mode: Select the response time from 2.5ms, 25ms, or 250ms

Display Color Setting Mode: Select the comparative output ON/OFF display color and the normal display color from red or white.

Functional design

The DP-0 Series features a black unit body to increase visibility of the LCD display and offers tactile feedback for smooth and reliable setting operations.


High visibility display

With a simple and highly visible display, the LCD offers viewing from a wide range of angles with an alphanumeric display and visible screen markers. 


Display color selection

Select the display color from red or white in coordination with the output operation, with pink offering a recognizable distinction for the detailed setting mode display.


Compact design

The DP-0 Series is perfect of narrow space installations with a extra-short depth of 24.9mm. This Series prevents unnecessary loads when installed on moving parts with its light weight des


Tight installation possible

Designed with easy installation in mind, the panel mounting bracket suitable for 1 to 3mm panel thickness is available for tight installation.


Exclusive mounting bracket

An exclusive L-shaped mounting bracket provides space savings and allows for tight installation.


One-touch cable connection

The accessory connector attached cable can easily be connected through one-touch connection.