Low cost, all-in-one pressure/vacuum sensor with high resolution

The new and improved second version of the DP-100 series of high resolution pressure sensors includes a dual, three-color digital display to enhance ease of use. Concurrently view the real-time pressure reading and the threshold value to quickly make changes during routine machine maintenance. The highly readable display offers the setting of two colors to indicate the output state (red and green) as well as a third (orange) to indicate the menu settings. The multi-function type now includes an analog current output type for longer transmission runs. 

High-performance functionality

Customizable sub display for flexibility

Compound pressure and vacuum for low & high pressure

Superior visibility with improved digital display

Improvements to the digital display deliver a side viewing angle along with increased clarity. The display pressure range and set pressure range have also been increased. 

Reduced environmental impact

Thanks to a circuitry redesign, 14% lower power consumption during normal operation is now possible, meaning a reduced environmental impact. The display is shut off entirely during ECO/FULL mode of operation for a power savings of 50% compared with normal operation. Display brightness is lowered during ECO/STD mode operation for a power savings of up to 30% compared to normal operation. 

Dual display allows direct setting of the threshold value

Equipped with a 30mm square compact display, the current value and the threshold value can be checked at the same time. This allows the threshold value to be set and checked smoothly without switching to another screen mode. ON/OFF operations still continue while the threshold values are being set, so setting to the same sensitivity as dial control-type sensors is possible. The unit is also equipped with a key lock function. 

Copy function reduces set-up time

Connect the sensors to a master and copy setting details to subsequent sensors to prevent setting errors and speed up installation time.

3-level configuration

The setting levels are clearly separated into "RUN mode" for operation settings that are carried out daily, "MENU SETTING mode" for basic settings, and "PRO mode" for special and detailed setting. These make setting operations easy to understand and carry out. 

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