High-precision digital detection of non-corrosive liquids & gas pressure

  • High Pressure Detection - Pressure ranges up to 50 MPa
  • High Precision - Sensor accuracy has been maximized down to 0.01 MPa
  • Surge Protection - Integrated throttle prevents damage from sudden bursts of pressure
  • High Temperature Media - 10 & 50MPa models accommodate temperatures up to 125°C
  • Stainless Steel Construction - Oil-less diaphragm handling a wide range of fluids

The DPC/DPH-L100 series of pressure sensors is perfect for the detection of air and liquid pressure. It's been developed to achieve complete application coverage for all your pressure sensing needs. With one sensor head, you can now accurately detect the pressure of gases as well as liquids such as water and oil. The separate amplifier design allows for the panel mounting of the amplifier while the sensor head is mounted remotely.