2 Meter Distance Long Range Background Suppression

The EQ-30 series of adjustable range reflective photoelectric sensors provide a long-range back ground suppression solution that is suitable for applications where it is not feasible to get close to the sensing object. The sensor is impervious to changes in an object's angle, gloss, or even color, so you get an accurate detection every time. Built in an IP-67 rated enclosure, the series is also good for use in harsh environments. The sensing range is easily adjustable to a maximum of 2 meters. Options include model with 2 outputs for high and low level tank applications.

  • Stable detection (not affected by color or glossiness of targets)
  • Dual output version available
  • Amplifier built-in


Unaffected by object color or background

The EQ-30 series features a 2-segment photodiode as the receiving element with unique circuitry, providing detection of an object at the same distance, regardless of color or background.

Long sensing range

With a sensing range of up to 2 m, the EQ-30 series is great for a variety of applications.

Not susceptible to contamination on lens

The EQ-30 features fixed-focus sensing that ensures detectability better than diffuse reflective type sensors, even when contaminated by dirt, dust, mist, or smoke in an unclean environment. 

Mechanical 2-turn adjuster with indicator

The sensor features a mechanical 2-turn distance adjuster to allow for easy and fast distance adjustment.


The sensor is protected with an IP67 protection rating, allowing for use in processing lines that use water. 


At just 20 x 68 x 40 mm, the EQ-30 series is great for use in a variety of applications.

Principle of adjustable range reflective sensing

The EQ-30 series incorporates a 2-segment photodiode to sense the varation in the incident beam angle. Therefore, the output is activated based on the distance of the object from the sensor, so it is not affected by color or background. 

Plug-in connector type available

The sensor is available with a plug-in connector for easy replacement and maintenance. 


Detecting passage of a box