Adjustable range reflective with 2.5m long sensing range and background/foreground suppression

The EQ-500 series of photoelectric sensors provides a long-range diffuse reflective solution that is suitable for applications where it is not feasible to get close to the sensing object. The sensor is impervious to changes in an object's angle, gloss, or even color, so you get an accurate detection every time. Built in an IP-67 rated enclosure, the EQ-500 series is also good for use in harsh environments. The sensing range is easily adjustable to a maximum of 2.5. All models are also available with a built-in ON or OFF delay timer function.

  • Multi-voltage type available
  • Stable detection (not affected by color or glossiness of targets)
  • Built-in timer function
  • Long range sensing capability to 2.5m
  • Equipped with NPN and PNP outputs


Optimized optical system

Now featuring an optimized optical system, the EQ-500 series is more effective in applications with variations in color, angle, or background. With little fluence from angle or gloss, both black and white objects can be detected at almost a constant distance. The EQ-500 series can operate accurately even with moving background objects. 


Convenient block type

The EQ-500 Series now features a convenient terminal block type to eliminate waste in cabling.


User-friendly adjuster

The EQ-500 Series is easy to set for short or long distances and is equipped wiht a 2-turn adjuster and indicator.


Background suppression function 

When a background is not present and an object and the background are separated, the BGS function is effective at sensing without being affected by a  change in background color or movement behind the conveyor. 


Foreground suppression function

When a background is present and the object and background are close together, the FGS function makes sensing possible. 


Resistant to lens contamination

The EQ-500 Series is effective even when the lens surface is contaminated by dirt or dust particles. 



With an IP67 rating, the EQ-500 series can be used in process lines where water is used or splashed.



Level check within the hopper: The distance to the object can be set to enable residual amount sensing, regardless of color.

Confirmation of the passage of packages on a conveyor belt: Can accurately detect packages that vary in size and color.